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Robot is a digital design agency in Shanghai, China. We help companies do business globally by designing inspiring websites, programmed to be fast and simple, backed by innovative marketing and business strategies.

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reaching an international audience

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A Whole World is Waiting

The domestic market in China offers many advantages, but there are also huge gains to be made in looking beyond the borders to neighboring countries and regions across the globe.

Access to emerging markets in Asia and other parts of the world where there is less competition and strong growth can be a great way to dramatically increase sales.

On the other hand, more developed markets offer many advantages, like a willingness to pay higher prices for premium quality goods.


We can help you bridge the gap

Communicating across cultures is not easy. Even in today’s world of increasingly cosmopolitan audiences, language, business culture and even design can stand in the way of establishing trust with a customer. We can help you bridge that gap.


We build websites that instill trust in international audiences.


Using controlled testing, we optimize existing websites to make sure that customers have a positive experience and you get the maximum return.


We provide web development services for China-based and foreign companies.


Knowing your audience is one thing, finding and targeting them on the web efficiently is another. We can manage your marketing strategy so that you don’t have to.


When it comes to working with a foreign audience, having an excellent website is only the first step. Potential customers may be turned off by businesses whose interactions do not seem professional and in line with international practices. Our business consulting services are designed to teach companies how to operate in a way that can attract a high standard audience.


Past web design work

  • kung fu komedy screenshot

    Kung Fu Komedy

    We designed a brand new website for China’s number one comedy club, giving them the ability to showcase upcoming shows, comedian profiles, and all the hilarious videos, articles, and other content they produce.

    • Website design & development
    • Fully responsive design
    • WordPress CMS customized for event management
    • Agile deployment for faster delivery with phased updates

    Visit the site: Kung Fu Komedy

  • silk-initiative-robot-screenshot

    The Silk Initiative

    The Silk Initiative needed a website to introduce the new firm’s mission and values, and to showcase their team’s expertise in China’s challenging food and beverage industry.

    • Website design & development
    • Fully responsive design
    • Animations to dynamically showcase past work and beautifully illustrate workflow process
    • WordPress CMS customized for easy content updates

    Visit the site: The Silk Initiative

  • antenna

    Antenna Space

    Antenna Space needed a website to showcase what’s going on at their gallery. They also need software to help them manage their past and upcoming exhibitions, track artwork, and keep their gallery running smoothly. We built them one system to accomplish both, allowing them to cut down on administrative work while giving them fine-tuned control.

    • Website design & development
    • Fully responsive design
    • Custom CMS built on Symfony framework
    • Robust gallery management software
    • Agile deployment for faster delivery with phased updates

    Visit the site: Antenna Space

  • empower

    EmPower Generation Partners

    EmPower only needed one page to explain their innovative business model in the Philippines. Robot fulfilled their simple need with a fun website, but that remains subtle and professional.

    • Website Design & Development
    • Fully Responsive Design
    • Anchor Menu with Smooth Scroll
    • Persistent Shrinking Menu
    • Pure CSS floating clouds

    Visit the site: EmPower Generation Partners

  • odl-homepage

    Online Design Ltd.

    Robot designed an understated yet elegant website, to let the manufacturer’s clothing design capabilities speak for themselves.

    • Website Design & Development
    • Portfolio Management System
    • User Management
    • Customer Login for Premium Content
    • Fully Responsive Design
    • Multilingual Support

    Visit the site: Online Design Ltd.

  • roquechina-homepage

    Roque Fine Wines

    Robot designed a fully responsive website to introduce the wine importer to new customers and showcase their full catalog.

    • Website Design & Development
    • Content Management System
    • Catalog Management
    • Responsive Design
    • Multilingual Support

    Visit the site: Roque Fine Wines